Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Back Steps Beggar

Had to take a blog and show this little guy off. What we have here is a Coati Mundi, known to the locals as Pizote. My friends at MINAE, Costa Rica's Ministry of the environment took a photo of him one drizzly morning at the back steps of their offices. I loved the photo and put him on canvas. The Organization for Tropical Studies, which have 3 facilities here in CR ran across him and Kathleen LeMoine at Duke University contacted me and asked if they could put my painting on the OTS holiday cards they mailed out. I was delighted and honored.
Many eons ago, back when I was young, my favorite TV program,next to Howdy Doody and Mighty Mouse was Zoo Parade with Marlin Perkins, which later became Wild Kingdom. They had a feature one show that had Coati mundis on it. I fell in love with the little critters...asked Mom if I could have one for a pet. She said "absolutely not" and washed my mouth out for cussing. Not really. Back then, that marvelous Coati Mundi was an exotic animal from a faraway land that I never dreamed I would actually see in person. Now, I have to chase em out of the garbage cans like raccoons...which they are related to.
Often, when I'm driving around, I'll see one or two out mooching. On a recent trip to Arenal volcano, I spotted a group of em which I posted above. They are all female. Guys go it solo, but the girls travel in bunches. Don't really know why this is...maybe for protection. Or perhaps a gossip session. Could be there's a sale on at Wal-Mart (HyperMas down here)
This is a 16x20 acrylic on canvas and is available for sale.


  1. Hi James, congratulations on having your wonderful painting made into holiday cards - I bet it'll give you some GREAT exposure!
    Wow, you must lead a very interesting life in Costa Rica - so many interesting things to see and do.
    The portrait that Adebanji did of you is GREAT - so is the portrait you did of him!

  2. Edward, as an avid admirer of your work, I am honored by your compliment. Thank you so very much....James