Sunday, January 4, 2009

The Eye Has It

I go to Panama often. Bocas del Toro. A group of small islands just off the Northeast coast. Absolutely beautiful and actually quite inexpensive. Ten bucks for a bus ride to the border, Sixaola. Then a tourist taxi for 6 bucks to Changinola. Then a 30 minute water taxi to the islands for another 4 dollars. You can stay at a hostel for 6 bucks or a fairly nice motel for about $30. A couple of months ago, I was coming back and hopped on the taxi. Got in the back seat and there was this incredible young lady sitting there. I introduced myself and we visited for the half hour back to the border, and visited some more at the border. And visited some more on the bus. When she got off the bus at Cahuita, she waved goodbye. As the bus pulled out, she waved goodbye again. As the bus pulled away, I waved my head against the window a dozen times for not getting out at Cahuita, too, and taking a later bus back. After 62 years, I would think a little common sense would come along at some point.
Anyway, she was a beautiful creature. From The Netherlands, 27 years old, visiting Central America and then going back to Holland in a few days. Now, I know, 62 and 27. My oldest grandson is almost that old. But my interest wasn't of a romantic nature...(if I was only 30 years younger, not as ugly and a few more dollars in my pocket)...ah, one can dream. And I am so straight and gentlemanly I bore myself to tears sometimes. But there was something..some kind of chemistry or sumtin that affected me more than I can describe. I can count on the fingers of one hand the times a person has zapped me in such a fashion. You know how sometimes you can meet someone and feel as if you've known em for years. That's the way it was with Eva.
She gave me her website address and I visited it as soon as I got home and sent her an E-Mail asking her to reply back when she got home safely. She is a photographer and has a website that has some very interesting photos. One photo that really caught my eye was a close-up photo of her eye. I asked her to E-Mail a hi-res of her eye so I could paint it. She did. I did. I mailed it. She got it. She was delighted. I am delighted. Aside from being knock-down, drag-out gorgeously beautiful, she had a sparkle in her eyes that could brighten a galaxy. We communicate occasionally. If we never meet again, I feel my life has been enriched by this brief encounter with such an enchanting angel. Eva truly has the fingerprints of God all over her. I have posted her eye and my feeble attempt of a painting.

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  1. Eva's eye is quite an eye-opener. She does have beautiful eyes and you were able to re-create the likeness on canvas. I'm sure she was delighted.