Sunday, January 25, 2009


I normally don't post on Sunday,..but I have something I gotta tell ya about. I had an idea a while back that kept bouncing around in my head (plenty of room in there to bounce). I got with several of my blog/artist friends and approached them with the idea. They gave me the green flag and offered support and assistance. So I launched it. Click on Windows to the Words and lemme know what ya think.

Also, in an attempt to establish a bit of order and organization in my business affairs and Internet stuff (and President Obama thinks he has a tough agenda) I am activating my blogspot The View From The Volcano just for Costa Rica, Latin America and rainforest stuff....if anyone's interested. That site is just for showing off a little art, telling stories, and hoping that you'll stop and visit. I'd offer ya a cup of the world's best coffee, but I haven't figured out how to attach it to the site.

And on this site, James Parker Art, I'd like to announce, or warn you, that I'll do my best to have 3 regular features. Fun Saturday...with a funny photo.
Cartoon Tuesday..with a captionless cartoon (you supply the punch line in your comments). And...on Thursday...Smile, You're on Candid Canvas...where I'll have a drawing or painting of a blogspot artist. If you have a picture of yourself on your're fair game. Consider yourself warned.