Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Cartoon Tuesday...Sometimes a Picture Needs More Than 1000 Words

Some years back, I was heavy into the Louisiana Jaycees. I did cartoons for the monthly newsletter. At that time, there was some internal friction that was causing problems. The state president, George L., wrote an editorial addressing the situation and asked me to do a cartoon to accompany the writing. I came up with a cartoon very similar to this one and left it without a caption. The cartoon was inserted into the editorial, beneath the title of the editorial..."And We Think We Have Problems." It worked. A year or so later, I noticed a cartoon by Don Martin in Mad Magazine almost identical to mine, with all the elements in the same position, except done in Don's inimitable style. It was captioned as one of the guys saying, "And we gotta clean up this mess".
This particular cartoon could actually stand alone without a caption. The one I put on it just struck my fancy, but there could be a jillion others. Anyone is welcome to comment their captions, but keep it clean. Every Tuesday, I'll post a new cartoon WITHOUT A CAPTION and let y'all fill in the blanks. The following Tuesday, I'll publish MY original caption along with a new cartoon. And I've got a ton of new ideas for cartoons. I was thinking about some this morning and got the giggles so bad I spilled my coffee (crash-tinkle-splat.....the sound of a cup of coffee breaking). But I kept chuckling mindlessly (ha-ha-ha-thud...the sound of me laughing my butt off). Anyway, I hope this works and is fun...but it depends on you all...find your funny bone. Oh, and don't forget to check into WTTW.

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